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AOH 32 Web site

AOH 32 Web site

For the past several years, we’ve tested a variety of Web 2.0 marketing strategies and tactics on various non profits such as this Irish fraternal organization – the Ancient Order of Hibernians ( to benefit them, and to help us help our other clients through the insights we gained via our “fast fail” approach to building business.

Fraternal associations struggle to build their benches with younger members to carry on, but we thought we could help them achieve great results with new interactive marketing methods – and we were right on the money!

To date, AOH email campaigns have achieved remarkable average open rates of 50+% and nearly 30% click-through rates!

Our AOH Blog has earned  a 400+% growth in popularity and AOH Division 32’s communications have never been more clear, consistent or more welcome and appreciated!

Non-Profit fraternal organizations typically have a tough time connecting with younger people and keeping its organization alive and thriving. In addition, these organizations often appear outdated and communicate poorly with their members due to a lack of time, labor, money and experience. Recognizing these challenges, BrandMill instigated a, exciting fundraising effort to fund new stained glass windows for a historic Old St. Patrick’s church and helped lead the marketing campaign via presentations, special events and media publicity. In addition, it developed new cost effective communication tools such as a new Web site and email communication platform for the Division. To build a youthful bench, it led the creation of the first Junior AOH Division in Allegheny County at a local high school and spearheaded its scholarship fund. The Division is recognized as one the leading-edge Irish Catholic organizations in the State of Pennsylvania and the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

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